The Third Asia-Pacific Requirements Engineering Symposium


Venue / Travel


FLATTEN HALL ( R – 1F ) , Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan

Access to FLATTEN HALL ( R – 1F )




Centerair Airport  ->   Nagoya Station(or Kanayama)  ->   Nanzan Univirsity


The nearest airport is Chubu Centerair International Airport.

From the airport, Nagoya station can be reached by Meitetsu express train in 30 min.

Nagoya can be reached in 90 min. from Tokyo by Shinkansen super express train.

From Nagoya station, Nagoya Campus of Nanzan University can be reached by Nagoya City Subway.


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About Nanzan University:


Main Entrance                           Dep. of Software Engineering

P1100569s   Nanzan

Flatten Hall                                                        Conference Room

venue1   venue4

Museum of Anthropology


Lien Cafe (Lunch, Reception Party)            Japanese Tea-ceremony House

IMG_0180s   IMG_0187s



About Nagoya:


Nagoya is located at the center of Japan. It’s the global automotive industry centers, where Toyota and its group companies, Honda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki locate.

Besides its famous Nagoya castle, you can experience Japanese quality culture at Toyota Automotive Museum, Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, and Noritake Garden.


Tourist Attractions in Nagoya


Nagoya Castle

Tokugawaen (Japanese Garden)

Shirotori Garden (Japanese Garden)

Atsuta Shrine

Toyota Automotive Museum

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Noritake Garden

SCMAGLEV and Railway Park



Useful Links:

Nagoya Travel Guide “NAGOYA-INFO”

Weather Forecast by Japan Meteorological Agency



Travel from Nagoya

ISE-SHIMA Area: 80min. by Kintetsu Express from Nagoya Station

ISE JINGU Shrine, Oharai Street, Toba Aquarium

ISE-SHIMA Travel Navi

TAKAYAMA Area: 2.5hours by JR train from Nagoya Station


KYOTO: 40min. by Shinkansen Express from Nagoya Station




Travel to “Kourankei”

sIMG_5439  sIMG_5438

After the Symposium, We are planning an excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves at Kourankei.

Nov. 12th  Victory Party